Getting A Spray Tan Before A Big Event!


When should I schedule my spray tan?

The truth is two days before a big event. This will give the tan time to settle and look its natural best.


Should I do a trial run?

Definitely yes, especially if it’s in preparation for your wedding. This way you can see how it looks and play around with your makeup in case you need to make a few adjustments.


How do I determine the right shade?

If you have a pale skin tone, ask for one fine layer. This will look natural on your skin. If you have a medium or dark skin tone, go for two layers which will be much deeper in colour. This is another reason a trial tan is so helpful, it’s a good way to test out how a certain shade will look.


What’s the secret to making it last?

Moisturizer, make sure your skin is moisturized daily, particularly after showering or bathing. Moisturizing before bed time is always best for dehydrated skin, your pores open up more and allow more hydration to get in.


What should I do if I hate it?

Easy, if the colour is too dark, we recommend sitting in the steam room at the gym for 30 minutes. Come out, rub your skin with a towel, and the tan will come completely off. For dark marks or streaks, reach for baby oil. Apply it to the darker area and leave on for 10 minutes. This allows the exfoliation to be more effective. Scrub the skin with an exfoliator, then buff the skin using a hot damp wash cloth.